I´m portuguese so sorry for my bad english !

i have a Gibson SG standart and i would like to use the whammy bar but the guitar doesn´t have it, so how can i make the whammy bar sound ?
You can do a pre-bend,
bend to the note you want to play, and release it to make it go lower.
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Digitech Whammy, or if you mean bending the pitch upwards, just bend the string.

I have that one, kickass pedal.
Or, if you want, while holding the note, tune that string down to where you want the pitch to be and tune it back up, gives the same sound.
Make sure you put it back to the correct tuning, though.
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pre-bending is the way to go if you dont want to shell out a ton of money. you could invest in a bigsby if you want a tremolo, but pre-bending is always cool

ps your english is better than most of the people here >.>
the whammy pedal looks good , but is very expensive .
a volume pedal don´t do +/- the same effect ?
whammy pedal doesn't emulates a whammy bar. there isn't any pedal that can emulate a whammy bar. so yeah pre-bending is the way to go. or a 2nd guitar with a whammy.

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