What's the song that dictates your very own philosophy on life?

I'm a really chill guy. I like relaxing, letting things flow, and i live by the theory that sooner or later, everything's gonna be alright. I love being happy, i love spreading the love. Thats why my song is:

Sublime - What I Got

Better Together - Jack Johnson.

but for the hard times,
All at Once - Jack Johnson
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All that you love...
...you must love now.
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i Cum blood

sorry, had to be done.

but seriously,
I wont see you tonight part 1 by a7x.
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What It Takes Devildriver
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A matter of when. Kevin Fowler
Truck stop diaries. Jason Boland

They are country songs so i'm sure many of you may not be interested but the first song is really beautiful.

The other is just a great song to listen to about every day things.
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No Surprises - Radiohead <3
"Punk is a state of mind, and no one can take that away from you."
All We Are - FischerSpooner.

I absolutely love the lyrics.

The breaking light
That sparks the human strain
And it is the dawn
Relentless again

With endless arms
Hot holy light
And then it all begins
Hollow Years by Dream Theater is a great one... or Nothing Else Matters by Metallica... or A Tout Le Monde, by Megadeth. Those are all close ones to how I think and live my life, even before I heard them, though that probably has a great deal to do with why I love them so much.
While My Guitar Gently Weeps -- The Beatles
"I look at the world / and I notice it's turning / (...) For every mistake / we must surely be learning"

I Am the Highway -- Audioslave
"I am not your rolling wheels, I am the highway / I am not your carpet ride, I am the sky / I am not your blowing wind, I am the lightning / I am not your autumn moon, I am the night." A very Immanuel Kant-ian song.
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Motorbreath!!!! - Metallica

"those people who tell you not to take chances, they are all missing on what life's about"
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Sometimes I feel like we've given all we've got, and I'm tired of pretending I'm something that I'm not. So what's the point if it's not the truth? Different nights, same talk. So hard to align our thoughts, and I'm tired of regretting another moment's lost. So what's the point if its not the truth? This is my confession: that I'll never change, and I won't back down again, or accept the blame. No fronts, no compromising, let's risk it all. Put our faults out on the table, even as we fall. It's in our hands, this is where we stand. It's in our hands, it's where we stand.

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Not impressed with who knows who
And it never really matters if you win or lose
Passively reject let the rats race on
Stand sound until they are gone
Have you rejected what you learned?
Is your resistance all that they heard?
Burn that phrase and then burn it again
Ignore the emphasis on competition
You protect you
There's no one keeping score
Fight the past it's you that you ignored
Turn away
What's become of us?
Has your persistence been ignored?
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Lady Shoes by the Jesus Lizard, 'cause I'm into mother daughter incest and killing babies...

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heaven beside you by alice in chains because everyone has hell within
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sing along forever-bouncing souls
which is what im listening to right now
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Super Bad - James Brown
"I got soul, and I'm super bad"
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no woman no cry?

thats fucking crazy. that song started on shuffle right when i read your post. so im gonna agree with this guy.