im trying to download cubase onto my new pc and it works on my old one, but it says 'installation driver failed' and shows like a blue pen drive thing. I dont understand why it works on one and not the other, i havent registered it or anything. i tried a different torrent and that didnt work either,

any suggestion apart from pay £300 for the original please!
You need a driver. The driver that Cubase uses is called H20. It probably came in your file that you downloaded. Once you get the driver up and running, you can get Cubase up.
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it says the driver is found but not initiated but there is only one main installation file
now its saying syncrosoft licence control..error

application error as no protection device connected
Uninstall it all, do it again, but slowly this time and look for where it tries to install the driver.
arrgh it still isnt working ive downloaded 3 torrents and rebooted 5 times still doesnt work. Its the protection device its talking about...could it be possible my pc because its new cant take pirated software?
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Cubase usually uses a USB dongle to prevent pirated copies, you may be screwed.

but it works on my old pc..all the torrents do