I bought a VERY sweet Ibanez unsure of model, but neck is from an X-series, body has serial number 9203245, is clearly Ibanez, with the grated steel knobs, 5-pickups , and I looked extensively to try and find the Model (according to body shape, contours, and bevels, but what unsuccessful.

The problem is I have a saddle with only 5 pieces, the high E is missing, i found websites to buy the saddles, but can't figure out the model to buy a new one.

Another problem I am having is tuning my Washburn KC-20V (a rare french made model, from what i've read and heard) with a Floyd Rose Original Custom Tremolo/Bridge. All the parts are installed correctly.

Now I suppose it was luck the first time I put strings on it, it worked great, and didn't get to change the strings for 6 months, I find time and tuned it after plopping the strings on (which is a royal PAIN IN THE A$$ with the Floyd Rose Original) and ever since have had difficulty keeping the bridge from staying put, it seems to pull up as I tighten the strings , sometimes leading to a loss of a B or high E string. I've read the proper tuning instructions and I am not a beginner, been playing and fixing guitars for 10 years. Yet, I still can't seem to get it right. Please any help with either of these topics are appreciated greatly.

Also I can send you pictures just PM me and i'll send you pictures of the Ibanez.
you only need to know the bridge model. it should say somewhere on the guitar,and if not,then look at almost any ibanez.the bridges are mostly the same.that should help you find a saddle