I have the IQ to get in. I just really can't be bothered.
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It's just a money-making thing. Waste of time joining, though I would like to take the test.
Why would you look for intelligent people in the Pit? That's like looking for Jewish people at a Nazi rally.
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Why would you look for intelligent people in the Pit? That's like looking for Jewish people at a Nazi rally.

+1, not quite the analogy I'd use, but my sentiment exactly.
I took the test to get in my senior year of high school, got like a 22 or 23 out of 24, but there's no way in hell I'd pay membership dues just so that I could say I'm in a club for fancy-pants.
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Seems pointless to be honest, people getting together because they have a high IQ.

Its like the intelligent people's version of awards ceremonies - where loads of rich people get together to say, o0o0o didn't we do well? Sounds like a luke warm version of hell. A waiting room maybe. But then I probably dont have the IQ to get in so maybe I'm just bitter deep down inside
always seemed like a joke. or a trick.
I'm technically qualified to be in MENSA. I took the test. I scored very high apparently... I am not actually a member, however.
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Em, I'm a member

*hides face in shame*

I took the test when I was 13 to shut a friend up who was saying it was impossible to get in if you havent done a university degree, or something along those lines. I got an IQ of 158 but didn't join for like 2 years cause it costs £20 a year or something. I only joined them when it came to applying to univeristy this year and I needed something to fill out the empty space

The magazine is unbeleivably crap though, like it's just full of articles about stereotypical geeks with nothing more to say than how smart they are. It's just an ego boost for nerds with low self-esteem
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i passed the test, but didn't join because I don't want to pay to hang out with a bunch of pretentious asshats. Looks good on job apps though.
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mensa's just a smart arse convention
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I qualified and sent in a copy of my psychological report from when I was younger, but they said I needed an original version, and not a copy. I have no idea where that psychologist is, so I didn't bother redoing it.
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