does anyone know a delay pedal with tap tempo with a delay run off option (where the delay keeps going when the pedal is switched off) at the moment im useing a a/b y box with a dd 3 and i want a all in one box rather than useing a dd 5 or 6
thanks very much
line 6 DL4. the tap tempo is its own button so its pretty simple to use. also it is true bypass but you can switch it so it has the delay run off option. it explains everything in the manual.
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why not a DD-6? It has "tap tempo" and fades out when switched off like you talk about.
its just the delays come out much quieter when you turn it off i'm useing it for dubstyles so i need really nice long almost to the poniot of feedback type delay
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i think the line6 echo park has the option of trails and has tap tempo. supposed to sound decent as well.

Yes it has both, with a plethora of sounds, the analog/tape modes get progressivly dirtier/warblier as it dies out, good for a 'dying machine' sound. See - Karma Police by Radiohead's ending.

However, I dislike the way the tap tempo is implemented, tapping lightly on the pedal sets the temp, stamping (literally sometimes) turns it on/off.

Naturally, I'll be moving up to a DL4.
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