Would anyone happen to know of a book that provides lessons in being able to learn songs on guitar by reading standard notation? I have tried teaching myself with simple piano sheets but as they're arranged for the piano the fingering can get incredibly awkward. Thanks in advance.
Most dedicated tab books will include the standard notation for the guitar part above the tab.
Or just use Power Tab or Guitar Pro, they have both tab and sheet music for each piece.
however i personally dont suggest learning guitar in standard notation. Tabs are just better for writing and understanding. The fact that one single not can be played 4 or 5 places on a guitar just makes standard notation difficult. Such as middle C is only one place on a piano but several on a guitar. So learning by sheet music or standard notation is difficult because its hard to find the exact notes to play on the guitar and may have to transcribe it 3 or 4 times before getting it perfect. Tabs however have exact notes right away and assuming you have a proper tab you'll be able to play it perfectly right away.
Classical guitar tablature usually has position notes that tell you which part of the fretboard to play on, but otherwise you could just interpret the notation. It could give you an extra skill of knowing how to play the same notes all over the fretboard, depending on the context of the music.