Hey I Have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom and I'm lookin to sell it or trade it.
Its in great shape. About 3 months old.
Let me know a price.

Maybe other Les Pauls
Ibanez Rg's
Maybe A Jackson RR3
Maybe Some Strats or Teles
Upgraded Sg's
Esp Vipers or Mh's
Guitars plus Cash! or pedals


Others. Let me know. My email is dhphoenix13@aim.com I can send you pics of it.
(The Pictures are too big for the thread)

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400 bucks. Just post the damn pictures, you tease me into opening the thread and show me nothing.

EDIT: Sorry that was kinda my GAS talking. Its freaking beautiful but I'm looking for a car at the moment haha. Sorry about that
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Trade for a Schecter Damien FR w/ gold trem?

EDIT: pics here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=784570&page=1&pp=20
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trade for a tele? i can post pics if your interested.
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