hey people
Im a bassist but I just recently got an acoustic guitar.Its a Jasmine by takamine s33.
The guitar part where you just play separate notes is easy as heck to do, but I really want to start learning whole songs and chords are hard for me.Are there any excercises I should do to help me with changing chords?
Thanks in advance
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power chords all the waaaaaaaaaaaay across the strings
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What is this power chord you speak of?
Sorry im a newb to acoustic...
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
Just practice switching. That's all I can say. Just do simple chord progressions like G-D-C. Start slow and work your way up.

Don't worry about power chords, they aren't really for acoustics...
ok thanks
Ill try hard!
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
hey, my friend also plays bass....anyway you dont give a sh** what my friend does. I play guitar and LOVE playing chords, something very satisfying about it. I found it very useful to just move from shape to shape, and then build up speed.

accuracy first then speed....it doesnt matter how fast you can play your chords if they arent right!!!

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accuracy first then speed....it doesnt matter how fast you can play your chords if they arent right!!!

Ahh, but it doesn't matter how nice your chords are if you can't keep with the timing!

Just bustin' your balls. It's all about practice. They will come!
im also learning to play chords (well guitar period) and I've found that learning simple 3 chord songs is helping me alot. sometimes I'll play songs out of rythym and timing to ake sure I get the chords perfect, and otheres i get my strumming hand in perfect ryth and timing and try to make my chord hand keep up. I'm seeing progress doing both so maybe try that?


awesome learning places man
at first, chord transitions can be quite hard. heck, i still have trouble switching to barre chords. once you get into it, it'll be a lot easier.
same guitar but i have the same problem
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All you really can do is just keep practicing switching from chords to chords.
Start out slow, and play often.
Pick up speed as you progress and one thing is try to eliminate as much buzzing as possible. (so many people do it terribly!)
Once you get speed up, try a heavier gauge of strings for work on the fingers, so then once you're used to getting nice sounding chords and quick changes of them on thick strings, lighter gauge will be incredibly easy and a lot of fun.
After I practiced for a year or so, nothing but chords on my acoustic, I then decided to get an electric, and oh boy, chords are wicked easy on that thing compared to my acoustic. =)
But, I usually go for my acoustic over anything else. <3
But yeah, I'm not sure what else to tell you.
Alrighty.I go and practice after I get some more picks.
Dang pick gremlins!!!
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
Power chords are nothing more than a variation of barre chords. They came into being due to the invention of the electric guitar and are a means of transitioning from chord to chord faster than one could by using standard barre chords. Think of them as lite barre chords.
Metal and dropped tunings also saw the rise of the 1 finger power chord. This is a really cheap way of getting to them, but it does work. If in drop D, all it takes is 1 finger, barring across the low E and A strings, at any fret, and you have a power chord. In standard tuning, you would need 2 fingers to accomplish the same thing.
It's all about speed these days it seems. I don't agree, but it's true.
chords are not very hard to learn, you just need to practice many times a day and not necessarily for a long time... I mean you can be practicing for about 10 minutes, 3-4 times a day and you'll see the results soon!