not bad, I would just time it a little differently, could be a little more funky, not a bad riff...I like.
It's an alright riff, but you could fill it out more, change it about each time, maybe some mutted slaps in the empty space, or speed it up a bit. Just a thought
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It's a very cliche funk bass riff. I've heard it in a song, or two, or three... Can't think of where though. lol Good job "coming up" with that though.
you need to sort out the timing.
try recording it to a metronome or beat.
other than that, yeah, its pretty cliched, but the great thing about funk, is that bass is pretty much the focal point of the music, so you can get away with soloing and messing around with it more.
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Pretty bad, sorry. Awful timing, and the riff generally put me to sleep.