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Cynicism is Sexy:

She don’t ever need to comb her neon colored hair.
And she’s pierced herself just about everywhere.
I tell I love her she tells me where to go.
She wants to murder all the heartthrobs on the radio.

She’s a nicotine queen with her foot on the break
And I’m a skin graft that wouldn’t take.
My mind is a mess and so is my shirt
And she treats me like I’m a pile of dirt:
And its sexy
Its so goddamn sexy
its sexy
Goddamn its sexy.

She don’t eat meat but took a bite out of me.
Well I didn’t know it then but now I can see.
I was **** out of luck and without a prayer
And I ain’t got hopes of going nowhere.

Well I’m her Galahad and she’s my cup
I ask for sip but she she’s fed up
With me and my side that she don't know
So she takes my heart and leaves it alone:
And its sexy
Its so goddamn sexy.
its sexy
Goddamn its sexy.

Its been three weeks since she sent me away.
I’m addicted and I smoke one every day.
I take a punch to the face when she walks in the room
And I’m pretty sure she’d take down the moon.

Cause she don’t give a damn about anybody else.
If you want to be real she’ll put you on the shelf.
I know I’m a loser I’m the scum on the wall,
But she knows how take you and make you fall:
And its sexy.
its so goddamn sexy.
its sexy.
Goddamn its sexy.