Can u give some solo exercise suggestions, or videos? =P
I'm need this a lot, thanks!
curt mitchells Videos
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try this,
Minor Pentatonic in key of A (Fifth Fret)


this is like the easiest scale there is and always sounds good for playin rock or metal
Well, I try out the mojor scale and major/minor pentatonic scale.But I'm still without technic, only speed.but i'll look for mitchells vids.

thanks a lot!

*sorry for my badass english
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Actually, that video focuses on melody rather than technique. While melody is plenty important, if you're looking for technique, which it appears you are, that video won't do you much good.

You should watch it at some point, though.

The fret number indicated is also the number of finger you're going to use (1 is for index finger, and 3 is for ring finger).

Use either alternate or economy picking. Move only the finger that will change fret, and keep the other fingers sticking on the fretboard, and as always keep the sound clean. After finishing the downward motion.

This is very effective, and a man, about 40-50 years, from the conservatory this to me.
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