Tonight at university I went to a small talk explaining about Bone Marrow Transplants. It was for people who were willing to volunteer at the charity's sign up event that is happening next week. I always imagined getting the transplant was very painful because I'd heard about the needle going into the bone etc etc. Turns out that by offering you actually only have a 1% chance of needing to ever become a donor. This is why these registers need huge numbers of donors to find potential matches.

The actual procedures don't hurt because the 1st procedure is not invasive and the 2nd is done under general anaesthetic. This means you are allowed, and most companies will oblige, to have a week off work and do nothing while resting after. Thats as good an excuse to do nothing but play guitar as any.

In the UK the Anthony Nolan Trust will even PAY to give you a trip to LONDON where they'll pay for your hotel, transport and pretty much everything, just so that you have the opportunity to help someone live.

I went to this with the idea of getting brilliant charity work for my CV and have clinical/patient practice, but I've realised that this is pretty important actually.

I'll now join this list after I volunteer, and I was wondering if any of the rest of you had signed up to this register or any similar register, or plan to soon, or when you come of age. If any of you want to join and are in the UK, then the Anthony Nolan Trust are easily contacted.
I wouldn't expect much from the pit. The majority of people on UG are 15 year old guys who care about nothing but themselves and bashing marshall mg's.
I'm absolutely petrified by needles, so this whole thing doesn't sound like it's for me. I do plan on donating all my organs except my heart and corneas(i have terrible vision anyway) though...so I don't feel like a total jerkoff.

I'm also not in the UK...