I've seen MANY Sonic Blue swatches, and they all seem different. I need to know which swatch is the closest to get the paint mixed... Or, it would be nice if someone could find me an exact swatch?

You're perfectly welcome...

Well, the bluest one is what it'd look like new, and the greener one is what it looks like on old laquered guitars.
So, if I go with the old one, I assume it would change colour over time too?
Well, it depends on what you finish it with. Poly wouldn't age that way, but if you use nitro, it'll get yellow eventually...
Car paint isn't just car paint... Do you have the cans already? Somewhere on it there'll be some words other than "car paint".
I'm going to an automitive place called Cross Canada to get them to match a swatch, and they're going to mix it up, then my dad's giving it to a co-worker to paint it in his booth...