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thats insane... only the japs can do it
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I can do a really basic pen spin, but I haven't tried it in a while so I've probably lost it.
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haha i remember like 3 years ago when a few of my friends took up pen spinning...nothing as crazy as the japs, but some basic moves that took a few hours to get down...its pretty intense, there are tons of communities and tutorial sites on it...goto http://www.pentrix.com/tricks/pafiledb.php if you're really interested in it...
i can do a lot of those tricks.. but i cant put em all together like that... =[

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I can do this with drumsticks, but I've never heard of this pen spinning stuff. I'll have to try it, cause I really need more stuff to distract from doing constructive things.
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haha im learning...i can do finger passes medium speed...and i can do a thumb around about 20% of the time
wow they are really good. over the years i've attempted many times to pen-spin... but unfortunately it seems i'm too uncoordinated for it. oh well
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i practiced like 2 hours last night and 2 hours today...changed the force used, and finaly got it...ima try the thumb around reverse ;P
If I tried it I'd probably lose an eye, damn those guys are good.

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I can pen spin, just not that well

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i practiced like 2 hours last night and 2 hours today...changed the force used, and finaly got it...ima try the thumb around reverse ;P

I actually find the reverse thumb around easier than the normal one these days, feels more natural.

Once you get the hang of it, try catching the reverse thumb around with your middle finger to send it into a normal thumb around and back to where it started.
take band in high school, youre bound to learn it.

completely serious i am.
unless youre doing bass you'll probably get it in under a year, especially on tenors
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