Has anyone tried this amp?

its suppose to bring good sound at bedroom levels.

I guess no one has :P

I wan't to see how it compares to Valve Jr or BHLG on low volumes.
nah, i think you have to make it? or have they started selling it now?
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I made one about 4 months ago -- it came out really good. It's a bit too loud for a dorm (I'm a college student), but that's easily fixable -- I put a $5 L-pad thingy that takes some of the load off of the speaker. The tone is pretty amazing -- I can get anything from clean to crunchy to extremely metal-distorted. If you decide to build one, I can post some tips.
Ibanez JTK2 -> Dunlop CryBaby (DIY Hendrix mod) -> DIY FireFly amp -> 1x10 Celestion cab

Btw, Epiphone Valve Jr. is a piece of ****. I played it in a store, and the noise/hum it made at even modest volumes was unbearable. Volume-wise, firefly can be as loud as Valve Jr, depends on what cab you plug it into.
Ibanez JTK2 -> Dunlop CryBaby (DIY Hendrix mod) -> DIY FireFly amp -> 1x10 Celestion cab