Hey there Ebola I think I might have eat you.
Cause now I am felling really bad.
Since I didn’t cook my food like I should.

Oh how you came in a capsid .
And now I am sick.

Oh it’s what you do to me.
Oh it’s what you do to me.

Oh your lyso was genic
Now it’s pan demic , it’s pan demic.

Hey there Ebola you’re a crazy kinda prophage.
You found your way into my heart.
And eat it like a lion in a cage.

I know you’re a virus
but when
is it enough?

Oh it’s what you do to me.
Oh it’s what you do to me.

I’m in fec ted with lytic.
My cells fell for a fatal trick, for a fatal trick.

I wish I had a bacteriphage.
So I could die another day.
But I gave that raw cookie dough
all of my trust.

Why couldn’tyou be retrovirus.
Or less robust.

Oh it’s what you do to me.
Oh it’s what you do to me.

Why couldn’t you be the flu.
Now I can’t live without you, I can’t live without you.
it's intelligently done......that's for sure, but, if you haven't already, take a closer look at the audience that this has been directed to. remember, the average american is on a 3rd grade literature level - and that's fact. this is a parody of a song sung by a culture today that doesn't even bother to acknowledge what the hell the artist was trying to say; they just know the melody's great....and it makes me sad.

DON'T ever compromise who you are as a writer though, just to get dumbasses to listen. all in all...what i'm trying to say is that - to make a parody of something as mainstream as "hey there delilah," try not to be so complex....and make sure to think of the audience beholding. just food for thought....