So many months ago, whilst I was traveling to the beach with some friends, I played a low level LTD bass (B-104 I want to say) with EMG pick-ups. The tone was wonderful, so I decided my next bass should be an LTD, but after looking over many many models, I was unsatisfied with many of their body styles and colors, so I figured that any bass made of agathis with EMGs would sound similar.

So I purchased an active Peavey Fury 5, wasn't very impressed with the sound, I think it's OK, but it's perfect for converting to EMGs like I had planned.

Here's the 5 string sets I'm looking at
I'm looking at the sets with 40 infront of them, what I'm wondering is, beside the sounds they make, what are the differences between them?

Also, the Peavey has controls for volume, blend, and 3-band EQ. Will I have to purchase an additional EQ from EMG to use their pick-ups, or will the current one of the Peavey e fine? Anything I'm overlooking or not thinking about?

Thanks in advance
The numbers refer to the size of the pickup casing - 35 = 3.5", 40 = 4" and so on. So you need to measure the size of the Peavey's existing pickup casing, and go from there.

The EQ module might be a problem. Chances are, the Peavey's one is a straight preamp which doesn't power the pickups. EMG's need a 9v feed, 'cos there's electronics inside the casing. I used to own a Hohner w/ EMG's in, and it had both the separate preamp and the pickups working off the same battery.

You'd have a job on to fit an extra battery to feed the EMG's; and the Peavey's module might not be up to the extra voltage. So, as I see it; either you take a feed off your existing battery, or replace the Peavey module with a suitable EMG one*. Or even one of Bartolini's modules.

As ever...I could be wrong!! Good luck.

EDIT *- This one, I reckon... http://www.emginc.com/displayproducts.asp?section=Accessories&categoryid=33&catalogid=143
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"When using two of the TW Pickups in the same instrument it is not recommended that BT or BQ Systems be used. Each pickup requires a push/pull pot for switching from single coil to dual coil so the balance control included with the system can’t be installed.

If you want to use the balance control, consider switching single/dual coil outputs with a DPDT toggle switch(s) instead"

Having a little trouble understanding this; as to what it means, and what could be used in alternative to the two pre-amps they create.