Alright, so I am borowing a guitar from someone, and will possibly buy it; it is an Epiphone Les Paul Standard from a few years back, I was told. For some reason, it simply says "Gibson" on the truss rod. Looks to be in good condition, other than the occasional scratch and a missing screw in the pick guard. The neck is straight as far as I can tell.

What should I check to make sure it is in good condition?

And he only wants about $200- 250 for it, so it seems to be a good deal.

Epiphones are supposed to have "Gibson" on the truss rod cover.. just play it through an amp and check that the input socket doesnt crackle same with the pickup selector switch and that all of the other electronics are up to scratch, and if you like the sound of the guitar...buy it!! seems like a good deal