Hi everyone,

I'm an American living in a small town in Japan. Needless to say I stick out a bit. Well, they are having a local talent show and really want me to join. My wife wants to sing a popular Japanese song by the group Dreams Come True and she wants me to learn it on the guitar. Although I can play, I can't play by ear.

I'm hoping someone who can play by ear will take pity on cornered "gaijin," listen to the song on youtube and write down the chords for me. Or send this to someone who will. Here's the link:


Thank you very much for your help.

Is there a better video? I'm pretty sure you could tab that by eye if you found a video where the guitar was in shot more.
Looks like G and A in the beginning. Unfortunately, I cannot bring myself to listen to the whole thing.
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Thanks for the tip. Tap into their pride. I think that might work. It's a talent I know if I had, I'd love to show off.

I love how it says "Dreams Come True, Happy!! Fun!! Love!!" as the title of the video. Such a stupid name for a song.

Speaking Japanese ftw
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