Anyone with heart will be touched by this:

Now I'm not certain if it's just a bunch of solos compiled together, or if that player wrote it, but whatever the case, it's incredibly inspiring to listen to.

So Tabbers, I beg one of you guys to spare some time and tab this out (GP or PT preferably).

Thanks =)
1. It's all one solo, probably improvised.

2. The sweeping and tapping parts are harder than they look.

3. It would be better if you tried to tab it out yourself. You can see which parts of the fretboard he's using; if you just use trial and error, you should get it eventually.
Yes, you are correct the tapping is harder than it seems.

I would tab it out myself but I seriously think I'm unable to, I'm just not at that skill level yet. But if no other tabbers are willing to give it a go, I guess tabbing it out myself is my only option.
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Ok after trying, I can't; not to say I gave up that easy...
All I want tabbed is 1:06 - 1:38

So I beg you man, lol I don't wanna pop a vein in my head from trying to hard. I know somebody here can do this in under 15 minutes


Here's the first part. See if you can work out the rest.
Hmm, can you give me another clue: 1:24-1:28 (I can't seem to get it) and I'll put it into my tab and see how it sounds
dang, it is tricky, i can't do it
anyone with time on their hands wanna give this a go?