i really want to customize a guitar.

like buying the guitar, changing the looks, painting it, pickguards, pickups, fretboards etc.

i see a lot of people doing it.

but idk how.

like do they take it to a guitar shop for it to be customized? or do they do it by them selves?

and where do they take the body to get painted?

You can take it to a shop or do it yourself.
It is however VERY expensive to have it done by someone else, so I suggest doing it by yourself.

Go to Gear Building and Customizing. But, DO NOT POST "How do I customize a guitar?!" just read around a little and look at some of the posts for a while and then see if you still feel up to it.
i wanna do this when i get a job im gonna buy a standard strat and hook it up with the goods for my classic rock/hair metal tastes
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