Im not that experienced with guitars so im asking you guys. Im switching from acoustic to electric guitar. Im not a beginner (im not a professional either but I know my stuff) and Im not rich so I want a good sounding guitar that is also affordable. I was thinking of getting a Les Paul Special II and and adding a Gibson 57 Classic Humbucker Pickup. So I was wondering if that would work and also if i could get away with just upgrading one and keeping the other stock pickup. Here's the link where I found the guitar http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-Les-Paul-Special-II-Electric-Guitar-and-Amp-Pack-513150-i1320789.gc

If u can think of anything better tell me.

Actually if u know of other good pickups that sound good, please post them as well.
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You can do everything you wanna do with the pickup, they're pretty versatile like that. But that combo pack is a pile of junk, just so you know. It's what I bought when I first learned how to play guitar. It's nice because just about everything you -need- is in it, but everything is super super poor quality. Just a heads up
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Thank you. Actually, it doesn't really matter for now as I need all the accesories just for practicing; my buddies have all the gig equipment.
Another thought: I saw a youtube video on changing pickups and it looks complicated. If I were to buy a guitar at like GuitarCenter or Samash and wanted to swap out a pickup could (or would) they do it for me? It would be a bummer to finally get the guitar uve bees saving for and to ruin it trying to change one little thing. If i couldnt get it done there, about how mush would a professional charge to do it? (assuming u already bought the part)