Hi guys, currently getting a Tool cover project going, I know how complex his sound is and I cannot reach it with my budget, but looking for the closest thing to it within my range.

Budget: $500-750 +-50 USD

I've got my eye on a couple of all-tube amps and some hybrids. Any suggestions?

Hybrids that have caught my eye: Marshall AVT100X
and the Randall G3 series.

All-tubes that have caught my eye: Crate V Series V18-212
Randall RG50TC 50W

Peavey Valveking 212

Traynor Custom Valve 50BLUE

So far I'm favoring the randall one but I am skeptic, anyone with more experience care to shed some light would be highly appreciated, thank you!
the randall sounds like a good option

adams sounds hard to capture because he uses like three amps
i know he prefers solid states so i'ld recomend one of the hybrids

whats more important is that you have a good multi fX
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I'm not familiar with their tone, but i take it they're pretty heavy?

As far as just having good tone, i'd probably avoid Marshall, as it's pretty mediocre. If you want a good marshall tone, go with the Traynor and an OD pedal if it's not heavy enough. The Randall will probably be good for a high gain tone.

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I thought Adam used tubes amps. He uses an old tube Marshall bass amp and a diezel VH4s i know that for sure cos i seen em live. Personally i'd go the traynor, Adam uses lots of picking dynamics and actually not THAT much distortion (compared to what most people who cover tool think), you'll most likely get that sound from a nice tube amp, i've only played the Crate and the Traynor out of that list though..
the b 52 ATs are solid amps.
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oh yeah, I forgot. If you are interested, I´m selling my B52 AT 112 for $400. pm me if you want more info.
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I saw them live recently and Adam was using the Marshall head combined with a Deizel head for his main sound with a marshall and messaboogie cab respectively. He had another deizel head and mesa 4x12 for his talkbox solo when they played "Jambi".
To get close, I would deffinatly look at a used mesa amp. They will be expensive BUT you might find something and it would be worth it.
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^^ true maybe a rectoverb combo, or buy my rectoverb head
I'd get a used rectoverb combo or the b-52 if you're on that tight of a budget. If you save and get a rectoverb combo, you'll have a far greater chance of hitting that tone. But for the budget i think i'd still say the b-52 because its giving you more room to buy pedals etc..