Bought a guitar and been playing it the last few days. Granted Im jsut starting but when I grab the neck Im really struggling to get my fingers on the strings and my pinky knuckle goes way away from my other fingers. No matter how hard I try I cant keep it with he others. Also to hit the E Its really straining my wrist and I have to bend it awkwards. My wrist is pretty much bent all the way up jsut to get to the E and B strings. Is this just beginner stuff ya think?
The pinky thing happens to me occasionally.
But the wrist thing...never encountered that..
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Sounds like you've got your guitar to low, raise it up a bit.

you should try to play with your hand like in the first two pictures as much as you can. The other way is ok for certain things, but you'll be better off if you get in the habit of doing it the first way.

I can't really picture what you're doing from what you describe.
Getting your fingers to find their way around the guitar takes some time when you first start out, you'll spend hours forcing them to remember the chord shapes and you might have trouble when you first get to barre chords. It's perfectly normal and all of us have gone through a period of time when we thought our fingers weren't cut out for this.

As for your wrist problem I'm not sure what you're doing.
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just sit down and relax with the guitar, remember you dont need to grip the neck really hard just relax your hands