I currently have a Strat which I am selling to get credit for a new guitar.

I am debating over the Jackson RR3 Rhoads , the Jackson DXMG Dinky , and an ESP EC-500 .

I used to have the ESP but it got destroyed, so I am getting something again. The ESP was pretty good, and I am debating whether or not to buy it again or to get a Jackson. The ESP was sick because it had 24 frets but I want something with a floyd rose like the Rhoads or Dinky. I know all these are all completely different guitars, but based on your experiences, what would you choose?
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if you wanna go for the floyd rose go for the jackson dinky. ive played it and the neck profile is so natural (otherwise it wasnt my style but it was still natural)

the best thing to say is try them all. if you feel the need for a floyd rose try the jackson's but youve got experience with ESP so if you dont like the jacksons you can always get another ESP
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Id go dinky.
Cant explain why, I just have a good history with those.
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If you can stretch to a DKMG, go for that, otherwise go for the RR3, the pickups on the DXMG are godawful
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If you could I'd go for a DKMG instead of a DXMG, i think the DK is made in Japan and it has active EMG's instead of the passives. It is a few hundred more though.
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If you could I'd go for a DKMG instead of a DXMG, i think the DK is made in Japan and it has active EMG's instead of the passives. It is a few hundred more though.

both the DK and DX are built in Japan. but i'm off topic go with the RR3
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I've got a Jackson DXMG dinky and it's a pretty good metal guitar.
rr3, dont get the floyd rose version tho, its hard to find the version without it but its worth the effort to find it, cuz floyd roses amuse u for about 5 seconds then u wanna rip it off ur guitar. just gets in the way of everything, and it takes about 45 mins to re-string ur guitar and its so easy to **** up on it.

if u dont have a prob with it, look online, i know samash has a few rr3's without the floyd rose.
The Dinky is sweeeet!
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May i suggest a Ibanez s470? It's a great guitar for it's price and even though it is small it can actually produce pretty brutal tones. Either that or you can get a Carvin or an Ibanez 7 string guitar? The Jackson Randy Rhoads model or the ESP would be my choice out of the three.
I would buy a wooden guitar instead, metal usually sounds bad when used to make guitars.
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