What is the correct way to mute on a Bass? Right now I'm muting my 4th string with my thumb and the rest with my ring finger. Am I doing it right? Is there a better way?
Truly great muting comes from being able to, and knowing when to, utilize either kind of muting: left hand or right hand. For right hand, yeah you're on your way. I prefer to mute the E with the pad of my ring finger, the A with the knuckle and I move everything down when I need to mute the D. But your way works just fine too.
Your thumb on any string on the fretboard is just bad, bad news. If it's your plucking hand you're talking about, I find that playing a string "automatically" mutes the string above it, since your finger will hit it on the way up.
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I just mute with my left hand but I never use my thumb. its too short and idk how Id get it on the string without screwing up my playing.
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The only time I mute with my left hand is when I use a pick - that is other than releasing pressure on the note with the finger playing it - and I generally use any finger (not the thumb) that not playing the next note.
Usually my plucking hand ring finger does most of the muting.
That said, as long as you're not ringing out sloppy notes or hurting yourself, who's to say you're doing it wrong.
I always mute with my left hand. You can mute with your indexfinger or with your whole four fingers. For beginners I would prefer the whole four fingers, but in fast slap riffs you
can also mute with four fingers. I only mute with my indexfinger when I play normally picking.