I really like the Kahler 2315 Bridge so fist question
1: is it difficult to take guitars equiped with licensed floyd rose and switch to the Kahler?
2: What are the pro's and con's of the 2 tremolos? Which one in your mind is better? And I would apprisheate it if you acually tried the tremolo that you typing about and not just from what youve heard. Thank you
With Kahlers you don't lose and harmonics when divebombing because the strings are always touching the saddles. I've only played one once though, and I prefer the looks of a FR
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The Kahler would need minor routing. Kahlers have less range and are more likely to go out of tune, plus are harder to work on. Most of them are single locking, and they are pricey. They are however smoother and take much less wood out of the body. An OFR will go right into a non-lo Pro/Schaller route. OFR's are a bit heavier, and require more wood to be takne out. Parts however are fairly cheap and easy to come by.
I know that the X-Trem has locking nut but i'm not sure if the 2315 comes with an locking nut though.
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Im not sure if the kahler he uses though is the X-trem model.

From what i noticed you have less range from the kahler, but it is very smooth and easier to work with.

I would prefer a floyd if I were to be using the trem alot.

But if you do get a Kahler, make sure you get the one with a floyd type locking nut.
I'd stick with the floyd.

Kahlers are scarcely a practical bridge compared to the FR design. They're single locking, have friction points at the string holder, cam surface, and saddle rollers. Thanks to the non-direct string path, it tends to react poorly to lateral string stretching - if you bend often, prepare for tuning inconsistencies. Kahler flutter is nil, thanks to the fact that the balance springs are very short and very stiff.

They feel fine doing what they're made for - longitudal string stretching, but that's it.

Speaking of harmonics, they are kind of dependent on the string length between the saddle and the locknut. With the Kahler, that length changes during trem action, thus displacing the currently active harmonic node. Doesn't sound like it would be too good for harmonics to me.
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