ok i got a guitar recently and was considering taking lessons but decided to try and teach myself. i dont really want to go anywhere like band wise with music i have just always found guitar playing as fascinating. i bought tab books for breaking benjamin and have been practicing "so cold" for a while now. i can play the intro and first verse fairly well but when it comes to strumming the chorus, it just sounds messy. i know part of it is that i am new and therfore terrible but i was wondering if it has anything to do with there being no accompanying instuments going along with me? thanks for the help ahead of time by the way.
you should get a teacher. With a teacher you can actaully learn more then you probably would by yourself. but that of course depends on the musician
yea i would like to but i have somewhat of a hectic schedule. i am a newly pro fighter and usually i am in the gym. i play guitar when i get some extra time at night.
get a guitar program like guitar pro if you think thats the problem
you can play the music in the background with or without the guitar
you can dl a trial here http://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php

it really helped me when i started since you can slow the songs down until you learn it
and i still use it
If you teach yourself it will take you longer to learn it
but you will learn it your own style and will be better at it
and if you plan on making your own music, a teacher (in my opinion strictly) will only influence your playing and take away individuality

Scales influence solos seeing as you will probably know them well
Theory and keys will limit you to sections of notes rather than the limitless possibilities of your fretboard
and your playing will always be based out of something...

maybe thats cool with you, but not me...

Like I said, thats STRICTLY OPINON
wow that's cool
your a pro fighter

[stares in disbelief]

ummm... i was wondering... could i maybe.. um touch you muscles?
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umm just turned pro, zero fights thus far but an accomplished amateur. not looking for attention over it just stating why i am busy. but if ur wife would like to touch my muscles thats cool with me
oh no he didnt lol....if u want to take lesson on ur own time go to youtube and learn what u wanna learn...(a.k.a scales chords etc)...
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