Man, I just got my OCD(v. 4) from the store and this thing rocks!!!! I played with it throught a Bogner Duende and it sounded really really great. But I must say that it also sounds great with my Roadster. It just got this little thing or bites that you don't get with the amp distortion! It is really dynamics and transparent. Lots of great tones with the hi and Low peak modes. At my surprise I think it sounds better with my Telecaster than my LTD EC-1000, the single coils really shine throught with it! Best overdrive that I tried up to now!

So that's it, kind of my review of the OCD!

(God the Bogner was great!)
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I had the chance to try one out. I was amazed at the transparency even with the gain cranked up. I would have bought it but I kinda had to get a brake job instead

Anyway, enjoy your new pedal, I've been GASing for one for months
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I'll probably end up getting one. But by the sounds of it, it sounds alot like my DOD Grey 250 OD (well, it's actually a modded yjm308, but it sounds identical to the originals)
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I read somewhere that the OCD is a Rat with different diodes in the clipping section or something. Anyone else heard this? I know it sounds weird since they're such different pedals, but I'm almost positive I heard that somewhere.
...to give your love no matter what is what she said...
^The general belief is it's a Voodoo Labs Overdrive with mosfets in the clipping section, among other tweaks.
Still though, it's an amazing OD pedal. I have a V3 and it's one pedal I always use (I mostly use it as a solo boost, it's perfect for that, since it's so transparent). What I also love is that even if you have tone knob high, it's never spikey, always musically trebly.
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