I need help understanding how to read sheet music in bass clef, I don't understand how a note is sharp or flat, I do know the names of the lines and spaces... but how to tell if it is sharp or flat. Behind the clef, there are 3 sharp symbols what does that mean? I need some clarification on all of that
that is a key signature...it means that every note that is on that line is either sharp or flat depending on the key signature. you might want to search some for some lessons on it cuz i prolly didnt explain it well.
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When a note is sharpened, it is raised a half step. When a note is flattened, it is lowered a whole step. This is notated for flats by a "b" in front of a note which applies to the whole measure. For a sharp it is a "#" symbol in front of the note. The three sharps behind the clef are notating the key that piece is in. Basically that means you have three sharps, and the lines or spaces where the sharps are placed are telling you those note are sharp throughout the whole piece. So for example, you have a sharp sign on the 4th line when reading bass clef. Since that note is an F, all the F's in the song are sharp, unless notated otherwise.
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3 #'s mean the first three sharps. the order of sharps is the circle of fifths (f, c, g, d, a, e, b)
so 3 #'s is key of A (F#, C#, G#)
The flats work backwards in fourths. (ie b, e, a, d etc.)