i checked out that site with all the scales, and I only found the persian scale, but I want something that sounds ancient greek. Thinking along hte lines of music played with Alexander, things that go with the Illiad and Odyssey, etc....

Any help/suggestions?
Western music originates from Greek music. Basicly, our music is Greek. So the answer to your question is major and minor scales.
alright. that makes sense i know, perhaps explains why the church modes are named in greek. but is there any actual Greek scale that is different from the major and minor ones?
one thing that is confusing is our current mode names don't match up with the actual greek ones they're named after.

I did find this site that has greek folk music scales

http://www.treelight.com/music/greek/scales.html ?

maybe you can learn something here:

check this out too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wj7lD56R4c

use google hehehe
No surviving written music from classical Greece remains and even if it did, you would not be able to achieve that sound because of some scale. If you ever hear any of these historical music ensembles claiming they are playing ancient Greek or Byzantine music, what they really mean is that this is their best guess.

There are, of course, many scales used in modern Greek folk music (most of them are of Anatolian origin, due to the centuries long Ottoman occupation) but I doubt that's what you're looking for. Those scales sound more eastern than ancient. Anyway, you wouldn't be able to achieve the same effect just by playing them if you didn't know how exactly they were used. You'd have to study Greek music for that.

I'll give you a few suggestions on how you could get an "ancient Greek" sound, though. At least in my ears, that could be achieved by the Dorian and Aeolian modes. The question is how you use them. They must be used sparingly, with a simple but distinctive melody, and not too many chord changes.

Check out the song "Roya" by a duo called Vas here on MySpace:


That kind of sparse, modal sound they use in that song is very similar to many "reconstructions" of ancient music you hear. That should give you a pretty good idea on what direction to go in, assuming you intend to compose something.

Good luck!