When a television station advertises a show, then when I go to watch it, it's not on. A recent example that just happened to me...

I saw a commercial for World's Dumbest Criminals on TRUtv and I was very interested. I love shows like this. It was suppose to come on at 9 tonight. I switched there to watch it and some Bayside **** was on. I went to look to see if I missed the date or time online and it wasn't even on the listings.

Just wondering if anything like this has happened to you guys and if you'd like to share your experiences and/or anger.
you know what really grinds my gears?

You America


not really
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I only watch Family Guy, South Park, and science documentaries, and that too very sparingly. Discovery/Science channel usually does a good job of airing whatever they advertise.

I abhor your avatar by the way. What a disgrace to Hansi Kursch's most epic hand gesture.
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You know what really grinds my gears? When people keep on quoting lame jokes from Family Guy.
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your theard fails (its no gud, ppl dont like it, the thread is in bad taste or is pointless) so yea hope that reduces your n00bness
i like that people on this forum arent horrible to noobs. im fairly nooby myself and nobody tells me im shyt at everything, like on some other forums
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