Need help... can someone give me some pointers on playing bass, like finger placement, picking methods, reading bass clef, and if i should have long nails with my picking hand, i normallyh play fingerstyle on acoustic
Don't use your finger nails, they will break if you want to get a good volume out of the bass. The bigger strings will just tear up your nails, in fact you should probably cut them because even using your fingers like most bassists, your overhanging nails will hit the string last and give a nasty metallic and bright tone that sounds gross.

Your other thread said your joining jazz band or something? If so I would reccomend you use your fingers for the best warm sound. You can usually rest your thumb on the pickup of most basses and then with your finger at 'about' a 90 degree angle from the string pluck it like you would a rubberband strung between two posts.

With acoustic your palm is over the strings more and your arm is closser to parallel with the strings than perpedicular. Playing bass your palm is more between the strings and your head than directly over them, and your fingers will be perpendicular to the strings to pluck them.

As for the bass clef thing, you should set a lesson up with your instructor to learn that, that would be the best way to learn it. I'm pretty sure you said your joining jazz band in the other thread?>
NP, I would suggest sitting in with your teacher because he will most likely teach you how to read the music with a chart you will have to play anyways, so double kill. Plus he's trained to do it?

In your own time practice learning where the notes are on the neck, and maybe some scales if you can.