New song im writing

i still have to write another verse and possibly a bridge

Im in a punk band so its a punk song

1st Verse

My head is spinning in circles
Yet my body remains in place
I try to focus my vision
But I keep makin’ mistakes
I cheat off the kid next to me
And now I have straight A's
You may wonder how I do it
Well I guess I have my ways

Don’t try and tell me
The difference between right and wrong
Don’t take candy from strangers
Or help find their lost dog
You may want to rebel
But for now you’re much too young
So here’s to you mom and dad
You were right all along


Raise the flag
and take a salute
To those you knew
And those you choose
And don’t regret it
Because you know you don’t
Stop lying to yourself
Stop lying to yourself
When I imagine it sung like The Guns of Brixton by The Clash I really dig it. When I imagine a more fast-paced, popish, Green Day sound I like it a little less.

All in all, well done.
thanks but i switched the name of this song to Dreams In My Nightmares, check that one out

and i have a video on that thread of how i sing it