practice it slower, clean it up, work on the hammers
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slow down and hit all the notes perfectly, then add speed.
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First of all, make sure the notes are on tempo, I noticed that you were slowing down and speeding up a lot. Secondly, work on either lifting each finger on your left hand right after the note is picked and when coming off of a note descending, try to hit the next note so that your finger also mutes the string above it that you just played. Good so far, just keep working at it.
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You need to slow down and clean up. Start at a slower tempo, perfect it, and then gradually work up. You're off to a very good start, but it seems like you're trying to run before you can walk, you know?
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Just clean it up a bit, its kinda sloppy. First, you get the notes down perfectly, then you impliment speed.

Practice different sweep patterns on more strings. It gets fun when you're good at them.
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