Hey guys. When I'm on a gig and I need a little extra volume for my solo, I usually just set one pickup louder than the other and switch when needed, but that screws with my rhythm tone. I borrowed a volume pedal from a friend once, but that didn't work out to great, so I'm looking at some booster pedals. I kinda like the Electro Harmonix LBP-1 because it is a simple, one function boost pedal, and its cheap, like $40.00 cheap. I was wondering if you guys could give me some insight as to if this is a good pedal or not, if I should get a different one, or if there is something entirely different I should to about my lead/rhythm problem. Thanks.
You could get an EQ, if you want the extra features as well, that would be more expensive though.

The LBP is a nice pedal.
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