So I have a Bad Monkey on its way. My question is though - I am looking for a crunchy tube tone with it since it's analog - however, if I used the RP80 without any effects on, just so that I could tune it using the foot switches on it instead of having to unplug the lead every time I wanted to tune, would this effect the tone? In a different scenario, how about if I added a little bit of reverb until I get a reverb pedal, as I understand this is digital no matter what pedal. Would that screw up the tone of the Bad Monkey and my amp?

I'm just finding this out so I don't have to waste money on a tuner.
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I would stay away from those digi RP units. if you want reverb use your amp's and if it doesn't have any just play in the bathroom

but it shouldn't affect your tone THAT much to use it in conjunction w/ your other gear.
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It may suck some tone. I would save up for the planet waves tuner pedal (its really just as good as the boss one) or the Fender PT-100. it'll do what you want for cheap, and you could try to pawn your RP80.
The cool thing about the RP80, is it has a bunch of other stuff you can use too.
For example, even though it doesn't do certain things as well as analog pedals, if you need something extra to put in (for example, delays or a different kind of reverb), you can do it with an RP. And, the bypass wasn't bad to my ears.
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