Do prefer a raw sort of sound or a mellow bluesy tone?

I like a good raw metal tone, it just kicks ass

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depends on what im playing. i boost my mids to holy hell when im playing, gets more in your face and cuts like none other. for leads, as much sustain as possible is best, natural sustain though, not sustain caused by distortion. thats just annoying
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Same here, raw metal tone with enough distortion, but not overkill. Not too much scoopage either
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I have several tones I use...
I'll rattle them off, and describe them.

Clean Tone: Warm, with a high bass level, but not too much. With a small mid spike and some cut treble. This sounds like it would wind up being too bassy for cleans, but I have my strat's 500k tone pots dialed up all the way. So it makes up for it.

Clean Lead: Basically above with either a cranked amp, or my DOD grey 250 on.

OD Rhythm: On my amp's lead channel, I have my preamp gain dimed (really not a whole lotta gain), and my tubescreamer spiking the volume a bit, rolling down the highs, and adding a mid hump and it's own brand of OD. Think SRV.

OD Rhythm 2: Same as above, minus the tubescreamer and insert clean boost. Basically same thing, but twangy and crunchy, with more treble.

OD Lead: Danelectro Wasabi OD and Tubescreamer both on, the settings are a bit complex. Anyways, I have them both on.
Thus... Days of sustain, compressed, smooth as whipped butter, and just all around pretty good (this is kind of like a David Gilmour tone crossed with an Eric Johnson lead tone).
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It really depends.....Sometimes I hook up my distortion pedal and play highly distorted stuff and sometimes I'll turn my amp distortion to 2 or 3 or none at all and play soft for a while...
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I like very smooth jazzy cleans, and slight to moderate breakup when i go for a distorted sound. I feel so old sometimes lol.
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most of the time, i just look for a nice punchy punk tone. which my Gibson Les Paul Junior gives me....but it would sound so much nicer with a tube amp =\
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I love me a good solid metal tone, gain cranked but not so much as to sound like a tornado is inside my amp. I used to scoop my mids but when i found a drummer I realized it just doesn't work. Lots of low end to get that solid chunk. I use a little small room verb because of the room I jam in with the band.

Clean I just throw on a little reverb and drop the lows a little bit.
Well my tones are:

Clean, sometimes with chorus (when i get a chorus pedal) or delay: bright and sparkly (bright switch engaged), very clear. usually using a fender strat.

Gritty Crunch: Distortion mode on my Marshall JH-1 pedal into the clean channel of my laney amp with the bright switch on. Since i can't easily switch between OD and distortion mode on this pedal i might get a Boss DS-1 for this tone, as it is actually closer to what i'm looking for for crunch.

OD rhythm: The overdrive channel on my laney with the gain about about 3-5.

OD Lead: Same as OD rhythm but with my JH-1 on overdrive mode with gain at about 10 o'clock position. This is also my tone to load with FX such as delay and chorus... just need a chorus pedal lol. Its smooth and rich in harmonics.

all has a little sprinkle of reverb from the amp.
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Im just starting out on the guitar but Im really digging the blues sound. Im a metalhead at heart and dig the raw sound as well but just something about blues that gets to me.
Raw cold Black Metal tone. Hard to get the perfect BM tone... Anybody got any tips?
i got 3 favourites:

First is the soft, warm tone that you'll get if you put more mids and bass. I like the soft tone with my strat.

Second is light tube overdrive. You can hear the clear sound and if you play a little harder, it starts to bring the overdrive more up.

Third is a metal tone that isnt raw. I like it to sound warm and at like Drop D tuning i like when it has a "urrrrrrr" sound. Something like in Korn.
darkarbiter....you had me drooling with those descriptions. doesn't it make a lot of noise when you have both overdrive pedals on? anyway, not to spam:

Stratocaster clean: bass at full, mids spiked, treble 5 or 6. real creamy with master at 6 and volume at 2 or 3 and on my neck p-up (on blues junior)

Strat overdrive: mostly the same EQ as clean, but the volume is cranked to 10-12, or i use my Blues Driver. treble is cut down. Sometimes I turn the volume on my guitar down if i want to get clean quickly.

LP overdrive/distortion: bass is 9 or 10, mids 6 or 7, treble around 5. either with volume on amp cranked all the way, or I use my DS 1 (soon to be replaced with Big Muff) or Blues Driver.

I occasionally use a completely destroyed Ibanez chorus pedal, but it's noisy (especially withi my DS 1) but it sounds great for some RHCP type stuff.
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I crank my mids and treble to like 8 and put my bass at about four, then put the gain on four /w boost
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darkarbiter....you had me drooling with those descriptions. doesn't it make a lot of noise when you have both overdrive pedals on? anyway, not to spam

Why, Thanks!
You'd think it'd make alot of noise, but it really isn't. My modded tubescreamer is already silent at it's current settings, and the dano really doesn't have much at all.
In some cases, the danelectro is quieter than my tubescreamer.
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i perfer a raw sound, but with single coils, nothing beats it, in my opinion.
not what most people would think though, i mean a reallly really overdriven strat, nothing is more intense imo
I tend to go for enough distortion to get a good messy sound going, pulls the harmonics out, but not so much that you can't tell what I'm even playing.
Think Randy Rhoads Tribute album. That is the ultimate tone.
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