What is the best amp availible that can play live(playing on a 15 watt cant even get over the audience) plays metal like All That Remains, Trivium, Iron Maiden, Lamb Of God.
and pop punk like blink-182 and sum41. and have good cleans. not just great distortion but also cleans. price range: under 800$ please. i can buy either new or used.

thanks~ (sry for multiple posts)
5150 combo
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if you're looking for a combo:

bugera combo
5150 combo
yamaha t100c
used mesa rectoverb

if you're looking for a head:

used mesa rectoverb/tremoverb
used mesa single rec
used mesa 2 chan dual rec (they usually go for more, but i've seen some steals out there)
used DSL50/DSL100
bugera somethingorother
used carvin legacy
used carvin V3