i was wonderin what i should buy.... im lookin to get a guitar for playin metal, im lookin to spend under $300 i was thinkin maybe a bc rich or a dean
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id stay well away from a BC Rich for your price range, they are bloody terrible.. not sure on the deans im sure the same would apply. Try hunting down an Ibanez / Jackson / PRS SE all are very nice among the price scale
if you're going that low, look for an ESP or Jackson.
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Actually low end deans are pretty good for the price ( ml,vx) Well try one before buying it, I own a Radical VX from dean that i paid 250$ and its goddamn awsome for the price ( i played trough some 200 and + guitars and i can say that they are pretty good for the 250$)
guitar center has a ibanez for $300 rite now but i didnt really look that closly at it just played it for a sec
save more money then we'll talk.
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