i want to build a guitar. hopefully a gibsom les paul lol. well anyways i want to know where do i start to get good enough to build an actual guitar. do i start with luther kits or do i just put parts together or do i just go right into building?

get a design, read up on how to achieve it, and go for it!


Most of the time people on here start a guitar, and it turns into miserable failure. Dont be these people; it is usually because they dont know what they are up against. GL, HF.
so its just as easy to build on as it is to build one with a luiether kit?

or u just promoting the site?
A kit? No way in hell. You have to MAKE EVERYTHING; the neck, the body, the fretboard. It is also your custom toy that no one else will ever own. That site is to help you with getting started on the right track. The only way to be sure is to do it yourself though, the site is to answer common questions and show you examples.

Now....shut up and read the site please .
well ive been to the site before and yes it is very informative.

so a luither kit wont help you practice putting one together at least?
Well it will. So you get the idea. But just take your guitar apart. I was the kid who took apart dads car when i was 9 to get the piston out of the block. (oh yes, those were the days) I take my guitar part all the time, to clean and maintain in and whatnot. Next time you change ur strings, take it apart. The neck if its bolt-on, take it off and check it out.
ok i was looking around the site and im getting a little dizzy with all the links of information.

where do i go on the site to start my construction of my gibson les paul project.

and if anyone else has soemthing to add plz do.
well some knowledge of woodworks will help and electronics too, for the pickup installation and what not.

You have to have access to all the must have tools e.g: a bandsaw and router. without those two tools, u wont get anywhere. I tried to replace the bandsaw with a jigsaw and it does not give very good results.

and like dogismycopilot said, practice taking apart ur guitars, see how it's constructed and what parts go where.

good luck
then its settled. ill get the book and get a luthier kit and get started thanks.
Making a set neck LP is a whole different thing than building a bolt neck guitar. Ive never even seen a set neck kit. The bolt necks are fairly simple to do if you take your time and measure 3 times before cutting or drilling anything.
hey does that book have a section on wiring or do i need to get a seperate book to fix wiring?