I want to take videos of my playing and all so I can upload them. Whats a very cheap thing I can use.. maybe a webcam or something that will give me good audio and sound for a good price?
well if you have a microsoft computor you could record yourself on your cell phone and open it up in window's movie maker and make a separate recording of the sound using sound recorder and plug your amp into the line in port on the CPU thingy and replace the audio recording from your cell phone with the new better sounding recording from sound recorder
I use audacity. No cell phone btw <.<

I want video though... which is why I was thinking a webcam would do good. Any suggestions on one?
Most web cams that I know of have bad sound quality, but then again they're probably cheap ones.
Get one of those USB converters that makes it possible to just plug the guitar in to the computer and record, by that way you get perfect sound.