Hello, i am in need of a new guitar amp. i need an amp that can play metal like ATR(All That Remains), Trivium, Iron Maiden, Lamb Of God, Pop-punk like Blink-182, Sum 41, Skate Punk/Punk like Social Distortion, Bad Religion, Misfits, Ramones, so it has to have great distortion and GOOD cleans. LOUD ENUF TO PLAY GIGS! so many problems with this b4, even on my friends 30 watt amp we played in a high school football stadium didnt even reach the stands. My price range is 800$ or under. THANKS!
try to find a used mesa boogie. also Peavey makes cheap tube amps that are like 50 watts. check musician's friend
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How many of these threads have you made?

Actually, the better question is, how many of the amps that we've suggested before have you tried?
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I like my Peavey Valve king. good for metal, i dont play much else.
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Yes, I will second Timeless on the Peavey VK 212. I use it a lot for metal and rock as well, but the cleans are nice as well and I get a very nice, smooth blues tone out of it when I need to as well. It's 100 watts, so therefore is plenty loud.