Could you guys tell me some more about this guitar:

Neck size, sound quality, versatilty. And the option to turn humbuckers into single coils?

Would you recommend it for classic rock, led zeppelin, RHCP, cream, rolling stones?

Im thinking of getting a HSS strat for versatility and i like this guitar for the pickup switching thing, And its really nice looking IMO.
i got one yesterday! yeah there good for pretty much anything if u work the coil taps and everything,necks pretty thin, not as thin as a ibanez S though and yes very good looking guitar.
I bought mine about half a year ago -- it's really good, although much heavier than a strat. It has a tune-o-matic bridge, so much more sustain than a strat (but depends on your amp as well, i guess), and stays in tune for a long time.

I play Led Zeppelin, RHCP, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and coils taps are great -- I use single coils to play clean stuff and humbuckers when I want to have maximum distortion.

This guitar, in my opinion, is better any strat in the same price range.
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My guilty fantasy is to ruin one of these guitars by painting it matt-grey/black and putting emg's in it and having a 27" scale neck........but anyway

I think they're dead sexy, much nicer to look at than a fender jaguar
I've got one (see pics on profile)

Its really nice, the pickups are good for being stock pickups (even though the neck pickup is a little punchy)

It's got a nice neck that isnt too thin and not too thick

All in all, it's worth the 300 dollars you pay for it

But be warned, it's REALLY heavy. (String through body+heavy wood = 10 seconds of sustain)
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