I am trying to learn to play lead. I am pretty good at rhythm, but I don't scales or any riffs. I search on the internet and found this program that looks like something I should try, but I don't waste my money if it isn't worth it.

its crap dont buy it.
If you dont find theory interesting, then DONT study it. IF your TRULY serious about playing guitar(enjoying), then EVENTUALLY you WILL WANT to study it.
Screw that, I know all the secrets. As a matter of fact, I sell chops, all you do is pay postage!!!

Simple truth of the matter is that these super course, ultra-speed learning shred-god programs is they are a bunch of BS. The secret to being an awesome guitarist is stone-dead simple, practice. The more you want to be a beast on the guitar, the longer and better you practice. It's that simple, the more you play the better you get. You can't just roll out of bed and double your speed, it simply doesn't work that way.

Here's the thing, most people try to improve their aural skills and their technique. Aural skills and technique boil down to memory and recognition, two things that need to be deeply programmed to work flawlessly. The simple truth is the more you do something, the better at it you get. The more you play something, the easier it will be to play it next time. The more you figure out what sounds good, the easier it will be to figure it out next time.

If you wanna be a great guitarist, save your money, sit down, and PLAY THAT DAMN GUITAR!!!
Livin' Easy, Livin' Free
Every "speed" program, or anything like that is only going to tell you ways to practice, things you can already figure out here, and then they'll give you a practice schedule type of thing. It's not worth it, and definitely not needed. Waste of money.
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