I feel like making a pedal...I already have a distortion and the effects on my fender amp (reverb, chorus, ****ty delay, flanger, and tremolo)

So ya any easy and somewhat cheap (as in parts) pedals out there that i can make?
Fuzz is about as cheap and simple as it gets.
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LPB is a good start..that was my first (and only) finished build

I've heard about LPB but only as LPB. I have no idea what it is.
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I kind of want a wah wah...is it cheaper to build or just buy like the rocktron one (i think its like $40 bucks)
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I kind of want a wah wah...is it cheaper to build or just buy like the rocktron one (i think its like $40 bucks)

Buy a used/broken Crybaby or Vox and mod it. Its cheap and you feed your urge to tinker with something.

Basically, what it does is it acts a little bit as a very nifty overdrive on tube amps, and also makes your tone 'alive' and 'juicy'. It's very hard to explain, but once you hear it, you'll love it. The second feature works on SS amps aswell.

Look at the bright side: the build will only cost you like 15 bucks without a footswitch, and it will give you most experience needed to build something harder.
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I cant find any on ebay

Patience. They pop up all the time.
anyone know of any good fuzz schematics? Ive seen one (forgot the link) but i heard it was crap...lol
make a fuzz face. generalguitargadgets.com has a bunch of kits you can get and then put together including a fuzz face
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how does the fuzz face compare to other fuzz pedals that can be purchased for that price?