All Canadians will or should know who this is.


I'm personally for Latimer and am excited that he is finally getting parole. I believe what he did was out of mercy and his daughter was getting way worse off anyway. What are your thoughs on this?

I think that he did the right thing about it. She couldn't even talk or feed herself. Plus she was getting worse anyways, with more surgery and such.
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Yeah. It wasn't like he just killed her for no reason. It was out of love and because he couldn't stand to see her suffer like that anymore. The question is, would you do that if your kid was like that?
I had an hour long class discussion about this today in school.

I do believe what he did was fine, since his daughter apparently had the mental state of a 3 month old, and couldn't really live her life. The act was out of love, not rage, and he did take her life in a peaceful way, not in a brutal manner.

I'm glad he got parole.
It's really hard to say. His family was in a **** situation, that's for sure though. I don't think it would have been a good idea to acquit him, but I don't really like the idea of the guy getting put in prison for it either.
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For me, you shouldn't kill a person for any reason whatsoever... EVER.
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For me, you shouldn't kill a person for any reason whatsoever... EVER.

Did you read about his daughter?

Cerebral Palsy
Mentality of a 3 month old
Couldn't do anything at all
In CONSTANT pain, but couldn't have painkillers

I'd say she's a little better off...