I'm interested in learning how to make trance music on my computer. Where to start, what programs, how with said programs. That sort of thing. If anyone could just point me in the proper direction that'd be great.
FL Studio seems like a good starting point, IMO.

I have FL Studio 7, and while there IS a bit of a learning curve, it's a good tool, IMO.
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Thats what I mean. I also have FL studio 7 but I want to learn how/what to use in order to make the stuff.
Well, most trance and techno artists use synths to create the music, not computer programs. The computer programs are used for loops and recording, but the music itself is made on synths.
Although they are electronic and not trance, Sound Tribe Sector 9 uses Ableton. The tutorials it comes with are nice.
depends on what your budget is...i also got FL Studio 7...
there are better programs available but you can do so much in FL if you really get to know it...check out my profile..i posted a few songs i did in FL on it...
Trance music is basically just electronic music that is intended to enhance chemical tripping. In otherwords, it's like techno for ravers.
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Ableton Live is good if you have a MIDI controller, FL is better if you don't, and there are plenty of tutorials for FL online, also you need to get some better drum samples and VSTis than what's included in FL.
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Reason is a pretty good general workhorse for all sorts of music, FL Studio seems to be the choice for trance though.
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Although i hate trance.
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Well, most trance and techno artists use synths to create the music, not computer programs.

Umm... there are synthesizer programs on computers?

IMO I'd say if you want to make trance, listen to a bunch of trance, old stuff, new stuff, try and cover different styles of it, and don't just listen to it, actually analyse what you're hearing. Then look for tutorial videos on YouTube.

And work on it as much as you can, because it's really not as easy as it seems.

Good luck, and most importantly, have fun.
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If you want to get serious about it, you should start learning one of the major DAW softwares(Cubase/Nuendo,Logic or Pro Tools) personally I use Nuendo & a bunch of VSTis (Absynth, Battery, z3ta+, Pro-53, Waves) via a midi keyboard and a trigger finger. Reason & FLStudio are pretty nifty for getting quick ideas out but if you really wanna get into it I'd suggest picking up a good reference book to one of the software packages I listed above.
Send me a PM if you have any questions/need help finding some software/samples to get started.
FL Studio is an amazing program. Just search for video tutorials on youtube or something.

I made these two with FL when I was high, lol:

I have a bunch more but they're not uploaded. These are pretty bad, but only first attempts. The first one is fairly incoherent, hence why I called it Disarray.
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