Alright for all you guitar techs out there I have this super weird guitar I don't know how to wire.

I know how to wire guitars it's just this one. My friend asked me to wire his guitar for him. It's an old, one-of-a-kind made in Japan guitar that looks like a 50s guitar. There're 2 single coil pickups that look like P-90s but aren't and they ONLY HAVE ONE WIRE, which is the hot. There are two switches(rocking) near the neck and I believe they are for switching the pickups. I'll do my best to explain the original wiring:

-Bridge hot wire ->rocker switch #1
-Neck hot wire -> rocker switch #2
Back of switches hooked up to each other
-A 3rd wire between #1 and #2 goes to double-throw sliding switch near the pots (It doesn't seem to be a phase because criss-crossed wires are absent) and is hooked up to #1 terminal of double switch
Capacitator skewed to terminal #5 and #6; and the other end to #1 and #2 of double-throw-double
-#4 terminal of sliding switch to volume pot middle terminal to tone pot. Tone terminal where cap (the other end of the cap) is hooked up to the open terminal of the volume pot.

I'll try drawing a schematic if anyone is interested in solving my problem. It's too late to take pictures of the orignal wiring because I already hacked up the wirings lol (oopsies!) because I thought it was going to be easy. I can hook it back up to the original but I snapped the capacitator that goes to the sliding switch.
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Take pics of the parts [and guitar]...I may have the same kind...

The rocker switches are pup selectors and the slide switch is prolly a killswitch.

Like I said, I think I have a guitar with the same wiring deal. I'll take a pic of the guts for you tomorrow. I'm very interested to see what you have.

If the wires have a braided sheild, the braid carries the ground signal.

Does the guitar/pups look anything like this?

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